Exciting New Native American Sandpaintings

The selection of sandpaintings during our winter series of shows was superb. Of note, was a new and eye catching shadow box style of sandpainting created by master Navajo sandpainter Sammy Myerson. This new style eliminates the use of mat board during the framing process. Sammy creates the mat work within the sandpainting itself thus creating the shadow box effect. Be sure and stop by to check out this exciting new innovation! We also have smaller sandpaintings by various artists that measures 6” X 8” and contain a nice arrow head within the matting. Our buying trips will begin shortly after this writing with the intention of seeking out more of these fantastic pieces as well as work by Joe Ben Jr., Tom Clark and Bilson Kee and other master artists. Our framed art selection will feature the few remaining originals from Wayne and Connie Anderson’s collection as well as pieces by Carol Lee Thompson, Brad Hoback and Jack Black to name a few.

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