Hopi & Zuni Kachinas: New Inventory

These handcrafted pieces represent an important part of the Hopi and Zuni cultures. When dancing, these figures are praying for an event that will be beneficial to the village or the environment. We have plenty of new carvings representing a wide variety of kachina dancers on hand.

Lawrence Dallas suffered several tragic family losses and took a sabbatical from carving. He has slowly started carving again and we are grateful and supportive of each piece that he does. Understandably, our selection of Lawrence pieces will be limited this time out. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lawrence as he continues to heal.

We acquired a few new carvings from Raymond Chee, who had an amazing summer with several awards, including a “best in category” at Gallup Ceremonial.

Marvin Toya sculpted some great new alabaster birds for us from grey alabaster. Each of these birds has his trademark moon/sun cutout. As we go to press, we expect even more assorted pieces to be competed in the next three weeks, so our selection of alabaster pieces will be quite good.

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