Indian Pottery at AIS

Southwestern American Indians have been crafting clay vessels for over 1,700 years. With each new generation there are changes to style and technique. Presently, styles range from vibrant in color, to intricate in design to traditional, ancestral style. We will have a great variety of gift-appropriate pottery pieces from which to choose. Come in and admire the horse hair style of the Charlie family from Navajo or the fine-line pieces from Acoma, including pieces by Diane Lewis, Pauline Estevan and Franklin Peters. Perhaps the contemporary styles of Jemez and earth-tone colors are more to your taste. If so, check out works by Patricia Daubs, Helen and Vangie Tafoya, Emma Yepa and the Lucero family. We also have classic pieces from Maria Martinez, Crecencia Tafoya and Tonita Roybal.

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