Join Us in Henderson and See Some Great New Jewelry!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Americana Indian Shows thanks you all for your support in 2013. We look forward to seeing you in Henderson this month!

After a 4-week series tour on the snow-bound east coast in February, we are looking forward to our annual visit with you in warm and sunny Las Vegas! We’ve been busy restocking in preparation for this show. While we were in Flagstaff, several artists dropped by with their new jewelry creations. We also made trips to Gallup, Zuni, Winslow, and Albuquerque. This time we concentrated on the longer neckwear and winter fashions. At last year’s November and December show series, we saw a healthy demand for the blue cluster style and multi-stone style jewelry as well as for Larimar and light blue Dry Creek turquoise pieces. We hope to have a nice selection of these styles.

Alton Bedonie, Kee Yazzie, Bruce Hodgins, Mary Tom, and Jack Tom all provided more of their competition-quality jewelry. Alton made several spectacular turquoise pieces and a nice selection of lapis rings, earrings, and bracelets, while Kee provided some beautiful bolo ties. We purchased some great pieces in Gallup and Zuni to include another very nice all-silver bracelet by Rebecca Begay in a modern on-trend contemporary style. While in Zuni we met with Vernon Haskie and were lucky enough to obtain two more of his incredible works of art, one of which is a wide multi-stone inlay bracelet and the other a drop-dead gorgeous belt buckle. We also obtained two very nice bracelets by Monty Claw along with quite a few great new and very colorful Santo Domingo necklaces and earrings. In our down-time we made some stone bead necklaces of Argentinean agate, tiger eye, Amazonite, carnelian and green garnet, which are nicely accented with silver beads and finished with nice big sterling silver hook and eyes.

Through a collection we picked up a great 1950s – early 1960s Zuni needlepoint bracelet, an Andres Quandelacy fetish necklace, and a three-piece set by Marry Marie Lincoln Yazzie featuring all Lone Mountain turquoise. Just in at this writing are some highly collectible pieces: a lovely ring by Lee Yazzie, work by Clarence Lee (d), a rare Ray Tracey bracelet, and a Tom Jim buckle and bolo set.

Some of the other top-notch artists whose work will be featured at this show are Carl and Irene Clark, Jessie Monongye, Howard Nelson, Vernon Haskie, Harrison Jim, Charlene Reano, Brian Clark, Richard Tsosie, Sunshine Reeves, Derrick and Delbert Gordon, Andy and Darrell Cadman, Darryl Becenti, Albert Jake, Sunshine Reeves, La Rose Ganadonegro, Geneva Apachito, Harlen Coonsis, William Vandever, Wilbert Manning, Fadrian Bowannie, Leon Martinez, Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello, Johnathan Nez, James Bahe and many more.

We’ll have a fantastic selection of gifts and very collectible pieces to fit any budget so be sure to stop by and see us!

See you at the show!

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