Kachinas & Wooden Sculptures at the Zuni Shalako Festival

Near the 1st of December, the Zuni conduct a series of dances to celebrate a successful year’s harvest and to bless the latest village constructions. The festivities include a large feast as well as the performance of the Shalako Katsina. It is these Katsina that pray for the ever-vital rains to provide for the village crops. There are blessings for the propagation of animals and plants and for continued prosperity and health of the Zuni. Although the ceremony is closed to non-Zuni peoples, the Katsina who dance can be seen in the form of carved wooden mudheads, Shalako, Longhorns, Rain Priests and others, a good selection of which we will have in our showroom.

We have also been fortunate enough to obtain, from a private collection, a magnificent carving by Neil David Sr. The carving depicts a comical Koshari (clown) trying to keep the hotdog he is attempting to eat away from an over enthusiastic dog. Neil David Sr. is one of the most respected as well as one of the most award winning Hopi carvers, whose work is much sought after by collectors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to drop by and see if any of our selection of sculptures by this multi-award winning artist captures your interest. There will also be a variety of work by other artists such as Marlin Pinto, Laurence Dallas, Sterling McRae, Wilmer Kaye and Silas Roy to name a few.

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