More about our holiday inventory: Pottery

We have a very nice selection of pottery to fit into your holiday budget, from inexpensive yet beautiful horsehair pieces to hand-coiled pots crafted by award-winning artists.

There will be a large quantity of hand-etched ollas and vases on hand, as well as the popular lizard themed Zuni pots and some new pieces with shapes that are not commonly found. We have several pieces depicting bears, buffalo, hummingbirds and eagles, which are crafted by Navajo artists and make unique decorative gifts. Some of the artists represented in our inventory will be Glendora Daubs, Dennis and Patricia Daubs, Loretta Navasie, Mary Lucero, Maria Martinez, Franklin Peters, Diane Lewis, and many more.

As always, we have a great selection of impressive pottery for your home decorating, collecting or gift-giving. Whether you want a molded or hand-coiled piece, we have something that’s sure to please.

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