Navajo rugs and sandpaintings for our 2014 holiday shows

Navajo Rugs

At the end of the summer, we picked up some spectacular rugs from the Teec Nos Pos trading post, so we have a great selection from this area for our holiday series. We will also be picking up rugs from Bill Malone in Gallup before we head your way and plan to have a nice selection of the smaller weavings as well, which are great to put on tables or use for display with pottery or kachinas. These smaller weavings also make great gifts. Another popular item is the Navajo pillow set made by Sally Arviso. We have requested more from her and are hoping to have at least two or three sets by show time.

Sand Paintings

On our buying trips to the Ship Rock area, we obtained several very nice and finely detailed sand paintings with excellent matting work. We also picked up a nice selection of smaller sand paintings, as well as some of the small boxes with sand-painted lids. These make great accent pieces and very nice gifts too.

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