Navajo weavings, Hopi Kachinas, & Pottery at Our Fall 2012 Shows

We will have a great selection of weavings from the Gallup, Teec Nos Pos and Shiprock areas. Bill Malone has once again promised to provide us with whatever we need. We will try to have some of the Navajo rug pillows on hand as well. One of Bill’s daughters has been making them but they keep selling as fast as we can get them! I will also be taking a trip to see John at the Teed Nos Pos trading post and am looking forward to obtaining some of their great weavings as well.

It’s the end of summer and Hopi carvers have been busy celebrating the season. We have a great new Ahola Squash and Dog Katsina from award-winning Hopi carver Laurence Dallas, the long-lost Watson Namoki has reappeared and from him we acquired a warrior mouse, squash and Hano Mana. Raymond Chee has promised us a few more single piece carvings, and with luck we will have some long awaited special orders filled. Recently we acquired a few large Navajo crafted kachinas as well as more Sterling MacRae, Delwin Harvey and Kenneth Shupla sculptures.

We have a great selection of seed pots by Diane Lewis, Sasha Redstarr and Glendora Daubs. In addition, we just picked up two polychrome Hopi bowls from Loretta Navasie. These bowls are made entirely of natural materials and fired outdoors using sheep manure. Other pottery includes a great selection of storytellers and some very nice and affordable Santa Clara pieces as well. Franklin Peters from Acoma is still crafting some outstanding, soccer ball sized ollas. Stock up now as the holidays are just around the corner!

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