Preview of Our New Fall Inventory


We have seen some creative and even over-the-top crazy gorgeous new designs in jewelry emerge as well as an increase in the use of Larimar stone and spiny oyster shell. Just about every artist we buy from here at the house has been over with new jewelry.

Jack Tom created two new necklaces; one with a beautiful piece of Tiger eye and the other a reversible dragonfly/ double cross design with handmade beads. Myron designed a new style pendant and bracelet, and we will try to have several of each by September. Carl and Irene Clark made another masterpiece in a rare link-style bracelet showcasing their intricate, micro-mosaic inlay. We saw Leon Martinez and purchased about 20 of his pieces – rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Leon’s work is heavy, and features a contemporary Santa Fe style theme. While visiting, he told me Kirk Smith’s (d.) wife Gloria is making jewelry again and hallmarking with her maiden name Begay. We look forward to seeing what she creates and will hopefully be able to add her beautiful jewelry to our inventory, as we only have one of her rings in stock. Mary Tom, too, has been busy with a new style purple spiny oyster shell and coral necklace. Bruce Morgan came by with more of his high-quality bracelets and to our delight he dropped his prices to reflect the lower gold and silver costs, so we will pass the savings on to you. Bruce Hodgins provided us with several rings, two nice link bracelets and a couple Hopi overlay bracelets, one with Montana agate and the other with purple spiny oyster shell. Kee Yazzie has been by several times and we purchased a number of his pieces to include two nice lapis rings with his dragonfly design on the sides. We have been working with Alton Bedonie on a few new pieces as well, that will showcase some gorgeous Larimar cabochons which have dendrites in them. Alton got very excited about this high-quality stone and returned quickly with several stunning pendants and earrings. We are currently working on obtaining enough Larimar stone for one of his spectacular necklaces and maybe a bolo tie. We also purchased some lapis cabochons in rectangle, round, triangle and teardrop shapes. You’ll want to stop by and see all the beautiful jewelry Alton and the other top-notch artist have made!

This selection of jewelry will include pieces from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo silversmiths. Some of the artists whose work will be represented are: Jessie Monongye, Howard Nelson, Alex Sanchez, Charlene Reano, Vernon Haskie, Chris Nieto, Johnathan Nez, Wilbert Manning, Daniel Coriz, Larry Pinto, Harlan Coonsis, Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello, Gerald Lomaventema, Yvette Talaswaima, Sunshine Reeves, LaRose Ganadonegro, Geneva Apachito, William Vandever, Albert Jake, Delbert Gordon, Darryl and Donavon Cadman , Fadrian Bowannie, Wilson Yazzie Jr., Andy Cadman, Todd Etsate, Zane and Verna Tahe, Wilson Charlie, Virginia Quam, Nelson Morgan, Gerry Nelson, Pablita Quam, and many more.

In addition to excellent estate pieces and collectibles, we made some new contacts at the Museum of Northern Arizona Navajo show as well and the Gallup Ceremonial and look forward to bringing great pieces from these artists to our shows in September. And Vernon Haskie fans … this just in… a gorgeous coral bracelet featuring natural branch coral in deep red that showcases an earlier style of Vernon’s work.


Presently we have an outstanding selection of pieces by multi award winning Navajo artist Robert Lansing. Roughly a decade ago, Robert suffered severe back injury during a vehicle accident and as a result decreased the quantity of his artwork. Through our consignment program, we have acquired five pieces, including the large piece featured in the November 1993 Arizona Highways issue, which is from the late Lee Anderson’s private collection.

We also have a few incredible Acoma pieces by Pauline Estevan. These are amazing thin walled and hand painted with intricate geometric designs.

Kachinas & Sculptures

We have a nice selection of Hopi and Navajo carvings. I’m presently working with a few carvers to acquire new and varied style sculptures. Now that Marvin Toya has trained up to the point of competing in local triathlon he has resumed carving some new alabaster pieces for us. In the first week of August, I traveled up to Colorado to find a source for Rose Alabaster to provide Marvin with some new material for his work and look forward to seeing what treasures he creates! And, once again, Raymond Chee was awarded more ribbons for his pieces at the Gallup Ceremonial this August, including a best in category for a gorgeous Eagle kachina. We will have a good number of Raymond Chee pieces in inventory, so be sure to stop by and see this multi-award-winning artist’s beautiful work.


Our inventory will feature more of the fine small to medium sized unique weavings you have asked for. We were also able to fill the request for a few of the larger weavings this past year so if you are looking for a rug larger than what you see in our inventory please let us know and we will work with Bill to find it for you.

Sand Paintings & Art

Our inventory of sand paintings for this series of shows will feature more fantastic pieces by Sammy Myerson in shadow box form as well as fine competition quality works by Joe Ben Jr., Bilson Kee, Baatsoslanii and Tom Clark. We will also restock the smaller sand paintings including those with the reproduction arrow heads added to the mat work (they make great gifts!). The framed art inventory will include works by Carol Lee Thompson, Navajo artist Jack Black and others.

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