New Jewelry for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us already! This time out buying, while keeping fall and winter fashions in mind, we focused on gathering a great selection of gift items and collectable name pieces. There will be more jewelry than can fit in the cases — so if you do not see what you are looking for, please ask.

Alton Bedonie and Kee Yazzie have been busy creating new pieces. Alton made a spectacular, large Larimar necklace and some medium sized pendants as well as some rings and earrings set with stunning Fire Agate. He also created some more gorgeous lapis pieces. Kee made two new bolo ties that are very smart looking and wearable, one with Bisbee turquoise. We also got several rings, bracelets, and a couple pairs of earrings. We picked up some great new Zuni pieces, including two necklaces by Patty and Rayland Edaakie and the second place inlay pin/pendant winner from the Gallup ceremonial. There are lots of nice new colorful Santo Domingo necklaces and earrings to choose from as well.

With good luck — and by word of mouth — we have managed to obtain pieces from some top rated, award-winning artists… so we might get some of you collectors in trouble! Included are two beautiful bracelets by Vernon Haskie, one by Daryl Dean Begay, a bracelet by Rebecca Tonabah Begay, and several bracelets by Harrison Jim. New to our inventory are a couple of pieces from Monty Claw who we just met last August at the Gallup Ceremonial. This is an artist to keep an eye on — he is going to go places. One piece is a bracelet and the other is one of the coolest, most-difficult-to-build bolo ties I have ever seen. It is a six-sided tufa cast bolo (in a box form) with tufa cast bolo tips, inlayed with Apache blue turquoise on one side and an all-silver dragonfly motif on the other side. What makes it more unusual is that the bolo cord passes through the inside, entire length of the piece, and the tips exit the bottom. The cord is adjusted and held in place by loosening two silver and turquoise screws, one on each side. It’s a must-see!

We also acquired a great Richard Tsosie bracelet and rings from a collection, along with a not-often-seen Wilbert Manning wide turquoise inlay bracelet and a nice Alvin Yellowhorse pendant. At the end of our last show series, we took in a nice collection of heavy sterling silver handmade bead necklaces. Three of the graduated necklaces range in length from 27 to 36 inches and have center beads with a diameter in excess of one inch. We also purchased an excellent condition Allison Lee coyote motif bolo tie. From another collection, we purchased a beautiful spider web Carico Lake turquoise necklace, ring, and bracelet set by Loren Begay.

There are many more pieces by lots of great artists to see at this show. So if you are looking for yourself or for a gift this holiday season, you are sure to find something you will enjoy. Also, we will have gift boxes!

See you at the show!

Eric Anderson

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