New Paintings & Show Special Pricing

During the holiday shows, the new work by Sammy Myerson was once again a big hit. Sammy’s ability to present true, traditional Navajo themes in such a contemporary form is second-to-none. If you have yet to see his new work, you are missing out! We will also be looking to add new work by Joe Ben Jr., Baatsoslanii Joe and Bilson Kee to name a few. We will also be offering a few select pieces for SHOW SPECIAL pricing. This is your opportunity to acquire competition-quality pieces at prices well bellow retail (look for the special tags).

Carol Lee Thompson stole the show when it came to framed originals. We sold six of her fine pieces during our holiday shows as well as framed prints. At this writing, Carol is working on several originals for us — and I am sure that, as always, they will be impressive. If you are a Howard Terpning fan, we will have a custom framed print of the “Healing Power of the Raven Bundle” in inventory. This piece has come from Carol Lee Thompson’s private collection.

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