New pottery, kachinas, and paintings for fall


With the ever-changing weather of the southwest’s monsoons, firing of ceramics can be tricky. Nevertheless, we have been able to acquire some very nice new pieces as artists forge ahead and prepare for the years peak in competition at Indian Market. We have a nice selection of pieces from Pauline Estevan, Franklin Peters, Wilfred Garcia, Emma and Marcella Yepa, Patricia Daubs, Sandra Victorino, Diane Lewis, Marilyn Ray, Carolyn Lucero, and Mary Lucero, as well as a piece each by Maria Martinez, Tonita Roybal, Joy Navasie (2nd Frog Woman) and Helen Naha (Feather Woman). As always we have a great selection of impressive pottery for your home decorating, collecting or gift-giving. Whether you want a molded or hand coiled piece, we have something that’s sure to please.


Summertime holds some of the most festive of Hopi dances. It is a time of celebration and happiness, crops are coming in, monsoon rains are falling, the new crop of livestock is reaching maturity and there are family homecomings. We will have several different Kachinas that are associated with the season and its events. For example, the marsh kachina, who represents the newly formed ponds created by the monsoon rains, fishing Mudheads, dancing Mudheads, animal Kachinas plus others are all inspired by this most prosperous time of year and the weather that brings it. In addition to the Hopi Kachinas, Raymond Chee has carved for us some dancers associated with Apache and Navajo culture such as the Yei-Be-Chei and mountain spirit dancers as well as a very nice Hunting Owl. Marvin Toya also carved a couple of new alabaster sculptures for us — a corn spirit and an eagle.

Sand Paintings

This summer presented us with a nice opportunity to meet some new artists and pick up some great pieces from them. On a recent buying trip to the Ship Rock area we obtained several very nice fine detailed sand paintings with excellent matting work as well as a nice selection of the smaller sand paintings which make great accent pieces and very nice gifts. We also made a stop at the famed Teec Nos Pos trading post to select some of their Navajo rugs for this show series. As well, earlier this summer we were able to purchase another set of much soughtafter Navajo rug pillows, five finely detailed tiny Navajo rugs (3”by 5”) and a very nice Two Grey Hills eye dazzler by Verna Begay. In addition, Bill Malone has once again promised to provide us with a great selection of his Navajo rugs for this show series. A new acquaintance, Nelson Begay’s wife Mary Lou, showed us some photos of a gorgeous rug she was currently working on, which she was trying to have completed in time for the Museum of Northern Arizona Navajo show. As we go to press the show has not yet taken place, but we’re hoping to be able to purchase it from her afterwards.

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