New Weavings for Our Upcoming Holiday Shows

With the summer season over and the major shows completed, many fine weavings have become available to us. Our inventory will include superb weavings from Bill Malone, as well as pieces from the Winfield collection. We hope to have the opportunity to bring you some award-winning weavings from the 2013 Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial as well.

Our inventory will continue to feature the smaller to medium sized weavings with a few select larger weavings. Included will be a beautiful pictorial/tree of life that measures an impressive 68 inches by 130 inches. This weaving was created in the mid 1970’s by master weaver Lori Begay who was 73 years of age when she completed this masterpiece. It is a must see! If interested, we will also be able to provide you with photos of a 74 inch by 158 inch snowflake pattern by master weaver Shirley Joe and a Teec Nos Pos measuring 90 inches by 154 inches that we will be able to acquire for you if interested.

The weavers, Malone family, Winfield family, and all of us at Americana Indian Shows truly appreciate your support and thank you for making 2013 a wonderful year.

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