New Works by Hopi Artists for Spring 2012

In 1882 the Hopi reservation was established for the protection of Hopi land. The designated area was originally settled by the Hopi between 300 and 400 A.D., during the late basket maker and early Pueblo I era. The natural, elevated rock formations upon which they settled provided excellent defense and abundant building material. There were also several natural springs which provided water (and still do today) for the small native population.

The Hopi believe this is the land that the deity Maasaw (Earth God) instructed them to inhabit. They were directed to become caretakers of the earth and live a balanced existence. A great example of this balance is the use of only naturally uprooted cottonwood tree roots for the carving of Katsina. By using only this material the Hopi create amazing sculptures without upsetting the spirits of nature. Their amazing adherence to this way of life can be seen in their three main fields of art: Katsina carving, pottery and silversmithing.

Be sure to stop by and check out our extensive selection of Hopi art, as well as exquisite works by other Native artists such as Marlin Pinto, Laurence Dallas, Sterling McRae and Silas Roy and Raymond Chee. 

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