News about Navajo Rugs & Weavings: We’re Restocking for Spring!

During our January and February series of shows we had an exceptional inventory of weavings in various styles and sizes. Twenty two contemporary and three historical weavings found their way into new homes and collections. We also had a very nice selection of Ganado and Two Grey Hills style weavings woven by Sally Arviso that had been crafted into accent pillows. Bill and Minnie Malone have told me that they will continue to do all that they can to provide us with more of these gorgeous pillows by Sally.

By the mid to end of April, we will be completely restocked and I am sure that our selection of weavings will be equally impressive. As a side note, many have recently asked about the cleaning and restoration of Navajo textiles. There are many companies that are able to provide such services and we can highly recommend the “Persian Rug Cleaning Company” in Los Angeles, California if you have Navajo textiles that need cleaning or restoration. Their phone number is (213) 413-6373. Just give them a call and ask to speak to Bob.


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