New Paintings & Show Special Pricing

During the holiday shows, the new work by Sammy Myerson was once again a big hit. Sammy’s ability to present true, traditional Navajo themes in such a contemporary form is second-to-none. If you have yet to see his new work, you are missing out! We will also be looking to add new work by Joe Ben Jr., Baatsoslanii Joe and Bilson Kee to name a few. We will also be offering a few select pieces for SHOW SPECIAL pricing. This is your opportunity to acquire competition-quality pieces at prices well bellow retail (look for the special tags).

Carol Lee Thompson stole the show when it came to framed originals. We sold six of her fine pieces during our holiday shows as well as framed prints. At this writing, Carol is working on several originals for us — and I am sure that, as always, they will be impressive. If you are a Howard Terpning fan, we will have a custom framed print of the “Healing Power of the Raven Bundle” in inventory. This piece has come from Carol Lee Thompson’s private collection.

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Weavings: Smaller is Bigger for 2014

The holiday shows went very well. We sold a number of very nice weavings as well as pillow sets.

We will be restocking our inventory with pieces from Bill Malone as well as the Winfield family. Weavings not much larger than 3 feet by 5 feet seem to be the winners, so we will continue to focus our attention on these sizes. If you are looking for small accent pieces for tabletops and the like, we have been finding some very nice small weavings for this. They look great on a table under a piece of pottery or alabaster/bronze sculpture. We are usually able to have 10 to 12 of these pieces in inventory. In addition, we were able to obtain two sets of Navajo rug pillows as of this writing.

Thank you all again for a great 2013 and your continued support of the fine art and weavings that we bring you!

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Pottery, Sculptures, & Katsinas — What’s New

Pottery. The new year has arrived and we have a great selection of impressive pottery for your home decorating. Whether you want a molded or hand-coiled piece, we have something for your budget. We have pieces from award-winning artists like Maria Martinez, Wilfred Garcia, Glendora Daubs, Diane Lewis, Tom Tapia, Red Starr, Dennis Daubs, and Emma Yepa.

Sculptures / Katsinas. We have a nice selection of large alabaster pieces carved by Marvin Toya, as well as several of his smaller pieces. For the Hopi, the Katsinas have returned to their spiritual home but the carvers are still producing detailed representations. We have 60-plus pieces from Lawrence Dallas, Watson Namoki, Wayne Poleahla, Sterling McRae, Henry Fred, Raymond Chee, as well as many others

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New Jewelry for the New Year

Happy New Year! Americana Indian Shows would like to thank you for all your support in 2013. We really enjoy being involved with the Native American arts and we look forward to serving you in the New Year.

After our 7-week holiday series tour finished in December, we got busy with restocking for the new year series. With Riverside being our very first show of 2014, you will have first choice of another incredible selection of jewelry and arts! While in Flagstaff shopping for the holidays, several artists dropped by to see us with their new jewelry creations. We also made several trips to Gallup, Zuni, Winslow, and Albuquerque. This time we concentrated on the longer neckwear and winter fashions. At the November and December show series, we saw a healthy demand for the blue cluster-style and multi-stone style jewelry as well as for the light blue Dry Creek turquoise pieces. We hope to have a nice selection of these styles from which to choose.

Alton Bedonie, Kee Yazzie, Bruce Hodgins, Mary Tom, and Jack Tom all stopped by with more of their competition-quality jewelry. Alton made several spectacular turquoise pieces and he created a nice selection of lapis rings, earrings, and bracelets. We purchased some great pieces over in Gallup and Zuni to include another very nice bracelet by Rebecca Begay and bracelet by her brother-in-law Lee Begay. We also obtained a very nice all-silver bracelet by Steven Begay along with quite a few great new and very colorful Santo Domingo necklaces and earrings. In our down time, we made some stone bead necklaces of Argentinean agate, tiger eye, Amazonite, carnelian, and green garnet, which are nicely accented with silver beads and finished with nice big sterling silver hook and eyes.

Through a collection we picked up a great 1950s – early 1960s Zuni needlepoint bracelet, an Andres Quandelacy fetish necklace, and a three piece set by Marry Marie Lincoln Yazzie featuring all Lone Mountain turquoise.

Some of the other artists whose work that will be featured at this show are Carl and Irene Clark, Jessie Monongye, Howard Nelson, Vernon Haskie, Harrison Jim, Charlene Reano, Brian Clark, Richard Tsosie, Sunshine Reeves, Derrick and Delbert Gordon, Andy and Darrell Cadman, Darryl Becenti, Albert Jake, Sunshine Reeves, La Rose Ganadonegro, Geneva Apachito, Harlen Coonsis, William Vandever, Wilbert Manning, Fadrian Bowannie, Leon Martinez, Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello, Johnathan Nez, James Bahe — and many more.

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Hopi & Zuni Kachinas: New Inventory

These handcrafted pieces represent an important part of the Hopi and Zuni cultures. When dancing, these figures are praying for an event that will be beneficial to the village or the environment. We have plenty of new carvings representing a wide variety of kachina dancers on hand.

Lawrence Dallas suffered several tragic family losses and took a sabbatical from carving. He has slowly started carving again and we are grateful and supportive of each piece that he does. Understandably, our selection of Lawrence pieces will be limited this time out. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lawrence as he continues to heal.

We acquired a few new carvings from Raymond Chee, who had an amazing summer with several awards, including a “best in category” at Gallup Ceremonial.

Marvin Toya sculpted some great new alabaster birds for us from grey alabaster. Each of these birds has his trademark moon/sun cutout. As we go to press, we expect even more assorted pieces to be competed in the next three weeks, so our selection of alabaster pieces will be quite good.

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New Weavings for Our Upcoming Holiday Shows

With the summer season over and the major shows completed, many fine weavings have become available to us. Our inventory will include superb weavings from Bill Malone, as well as pieces from the Winfield collection. We hope to have the opportunity to bring you some award-winning weavings from the 2013 Gallup Inter Tribal Ceremonial as well.

Our inventory will continue to feature the smaller to medium sized weavings with a few select larger weavings. Included will be a beautiful pictorial/tree of life that measures an impressive 68 inches by 130 inches. This weaving was created in the mid 1970’s by master weaver Lori Begay who was 73 years of age when she completed this masterpiece. It is a must see! If interested, we will also be able to provide you with photos of a 74 inch by 158 inch snowflake pattern by master weaver Shirley Joe and a Teec Nos Pos measuring 90 inches by 154 inches that we will be able to acquire for you if interested.

The weavers, Malone family, Winfield family, and all of us at Americana Indian Shows truly appreciate your support and thank you for making 2013 a wonderful year.

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New Jewelry for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us already! This time out buying, while keeping fall and winter fashions in mind, we focused on gathering a great selection of gift items and collectable name pieces. There will be more jewelry than can fit in the cases — so if you do not see what you are looking for, please ask.

Alton Bedonie and Kee Yazzie have been busy creating new pieces. Alton made a spectacular, large Larimar necklace and some medium sized pendants as well as some rings and earrings set with stunning Fire Agate. He also created some more gorgeous lapis pieces. Kee made two new bolo ties that are very smart looking and wearable, one with Bisbee turquoise. We also got several rings, bracelets, and a couple pairs of earrings. We picked up some great new Zuni pieces, including two necklaces by Patty and Rayland Edaakie and the second place inlay pin/pendant winner from the Gallup ceremonial. There are lots of nice new colorful Santo Domingo necklaces and earrings to choose from as well.

With good luck — and by word of mouth — we have managed to obtain pieces from some top rated, award-winning artists… so we might get some of you collectors in trouble! Included are two beautiful bracelets by Vernon Haskie, one by Daryl Dean Begay, a bracelet by Rebecca Tonabah Begay, and several bracelets by Harrison Jim. New to our inventory are a couple of pieces from Monty Claw who we just met last August at the Gallup Ceremonial. This is an artist to keep an eye on — he is going to go places. One piece is a bracelet and the other is one of the coolest, most-difficult-to-build bolo ties I have ever seen. It is a six-sided tufa cast bolo (in a box form) with tufa cast bolo tips, inlayed with Apache blue turquoise on one side and an all-silver dragonfly motif on the other side. What makes it more unusual is that the bolo cord passes through the inside, entire length of the piece, and the tips exit the bottom. The cord is adjusted and held in place by loosening two silver and turquoise screws, one on each side. It’s a must-see!

We also acquired a great Richard Tsosie bracelet and rings from a collection, along with a not-often-seen Wilbert Manning wide turquoise inlay bracelet and a nice Alvin Yellowhorse pendant. At the end of our last show series, we took in a nice collection of heavy sterling silver handmade bead necklaces. Three of the graduated necklaces range in length from 27 to 36 inches and have center beads with a diameter in excess of one inch. We also purchased an excellent condition Allison Lee coyote motif bolo tie. From another collection, we purchased a beautiful spider web Carico Lake turquoise necklace, ring, and bracelet set by Loren Begay.

There are many more pieces by lots of great artists to see at this show. So if you are looking for yourself or for a gift this holiday season, you are sure to find something you will enjoy. Also, we will have gift boxes!

See you at the show!

Eric Anderson

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Preview of Our New Fall Inventory


We have seen some creative and even over-the-top crazy gorgeous new designs in jewelry emerge as well as an increase in the use of Larimar stone and spiny oyster shell. Just about every artist we buy from here at the house has been over with new jewelry.

Jack Tom created two new necklaces; one with a beautiful piece of Tiger eye and the other a reversible dragonfly/ double cross design with handmade beads. Myron designed a new style pendant and bracelet, and we will try to have several of each by September. Carl and Irene Clark made another masterpiece in a rare link-style bracelet showcasing their intricate, micro-mosaic inlay. We saw Leon Martinez and purchased about 20 of his pieces – rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Leon’s work is heavy, and features a contemporary Santa Fe style theme. While visiting, he told me Kirk Smith’s (d.) wife Gloria is making jewelry again and hallmarking with her maiden name Begay. We look forward to seeing what she creates and will hopefully be able to add her beautiful jewelry to our inventory, as we only have one of her rings in stock. Mary Tom, too, has been busy with a new style purple spiny oyster shell and coral necklace. Bruce Morgan came by with more of his high-quality bracelets and to our delight he dropped his prices to reflect the lower gold and silver costs, so we will pass the savings on to you. Bruce Hodgins provided us with several rings, two nice link bracelets and a couple Hopi overlay bracelets, one with Montana agate and the other with purple spiny oyster shell. Kee Yazzie has been by several times and we purchased a number of his pieces to include two nice lapis rings with his dragonfly design on the sides. We have been working with Alton Bedonie on a few new pieces as well, that will showcase some gorgeous Larimar cabochons which have dendrites in them. Alton got very excited about this high-quality stone and returned quickly with several stunning pendants and earrings. We are currently working on obtaining enough Larimar stone for one of his spectacular necklaces and maybe a bolo tie. We also purchased some lapis cabochons in rectangle, round, triangle and teardrop shapes. You’ll want to stop by and see all the beautiful jewelry Alton and the other top-notch artist have made!

This selection of jewelry will include pieces from the Navajo, Zuni, Hopi, and Santo Domingo silversmiths. Some of the artists whose work will be represented are: Jessie Monongye, Howard Nelson, Alex Sanchez, Charlene Reano, Vernon Haskie, Chris Nieto, Johnathan Nez, Wilbert Manning, Daniel Coriz, Larry Pinto, Harlan Coonsis, Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello, Gerald Lomaventema, Yvette Talaswaima, Sunshine Reeves, LaRose Ganadonegro, Geneva Apachito, William Vandever, Albert Jake, Delbert Gordon, Darryl and Donavon Cadman , Fadrian Bowannie, Wilson Yazzie Jr., Andy Cadman, Todd Etsate, Zane and Verna Tahe, Wilson Charlie, Virginia Quam, Nelson Morgan, Gerry Nelson, Pablita Quam, and many more.

In addition to excellent estate pieces and collectibles, we made some new contacts at the Museum of Northern Arizona Navajo show as well and the Gallup Ceremonial and look forward to bringing great pieces from these artists to our shows in September. And Vernon Haskie fans … this just in… a gorgeous coral bracelet featuring natural branch coral in deep red that showcases an earlier style of Vernon’s work.


Presently we have an outstanding selection of pieces by multi award winning Navajo artist Robert Lansing. Roughly a decade ago, Robert suffered severe back injury during a vehicle accident and as a result decreased the quantity of his artwork. Through our consignment program, we have acquired five pieces, including the large piece featured in the November 1993 Arizona Highways issue, which is from the late Lee Anderson’s private collection.

We also have a few incredible Acoma pieces by Pauline Estevan. These are amazing thin walled and hand painted with intricate geometric designs.

Kachinas & Sculptures

We have a nice selection of Hopi and Navajo carvings. I’m presently working with a few carvers to acquire new and varied style sculptures. Now that Marvin Toya has trained up to the point of competing in local triathlon he has resumed carving some new alabaster pieces for us. In the first week of August, I traveled up to Colorado to find a source for Rose Alabaster to provide Marvin with some new material for his work and look forward to seeing what treasures he creates! And, once again, Raymond Chee was awarded more ribbons for his pieces at the Gallup Ceremonial this August, including a best in category for a gorgeous Eagle kachina. We will have a good number of Raymond Chee pieces in inventory, so be sure to stop by and see this multi-award-winning artist’s beautiful work.


Our inventory will feature more of the fine small to medium sized unique weavings you have asked for. We were also able to fill the request for a few of the larger weavings this past year so if you are looking for a rug larger than what you see in our inventory please let us know and we will work with Bill to find it for you.

Sand Paintings & Art

Our inventory of sand paintings for this series of shows will feature more fantastic pieces by Sammy Myerson in shadow box form as well as fine competition quality works by Joe Ben Jr., Bilson Kee, Baatsoslanii and Tom Clark. We will also restock the smaller sand paintings including those with the reproduction arrow heads added to the mat work (they make great gifts!). The framed art inventory will include works by Carol Lee Thompson, Navajo artist Jack Black and others.

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How to Get Your Americana Newsletters by Email

We are happy to announce that we have the capability to deliver your newsletter by email! For those who prefer to receive email rather than paper, you may sign up for e-newsletters at Please be sure to add to your trusted senders, or your newsletter may get blocked by your ISP’s spam filter. Also be sure to check your spam folder. Note that you will receive a confirmation email asking that you verify that you subscribed; simply click the link to confirm and you’re done!

Once you begin to receive your newsletter via email, drop us a line at and ask that paper delivery be discontinued. If at any time your email becomes undeliverable, we will add you back to the paper mailing list.

Interesting stuff and questions about e-newsletters

Why is my entire address required when signing up? Without this info, we won’t know which show site email to send you. After all, getting overwhelmed with useless email is no fun; you wouldn’t want to receive emails for shows not in your area (but if you do, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to oblige!). Also, if your email bounces, we’ll know where to send a paper newsletter.

Why get a paper newsletter if I signed up for e-newsletter? While email is efficient and environmentally friendly, it’s not a perfect science. Many factors can cause an email to “bounce” (which means you didn’t receive it). To be sure you don’t miss any of our shows, we will send a printed newsletter until you ask that we discontinue paper. If at any time your email becomes undeliverable, we’ll return you to the paper system. Note that organization emails often bounce because of their strict spam filter policies, so it’s best to use a personal email if you have one. Examples of such addresses are those ending in .org, .gov, .mil, .edu, etc.

What if I no longer want email? Simply unsubscribe any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the e-newsletter, or drop us a line at to let us know you’d rather receive a paper newsletter again and we’ll take care of it for you. Please be sure to use “unsubscribe” rather than blocking the email; it makes our e-newsletter provider much happier!

How are my name and address used? We value your privacy and take this responsibility very seriously. We never sell your information to anyone. Any information submitted for email or paper mail is kept confidential and used only to send you notice of upcoming shows or special events

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Removing Price Tags from Your Purchase…

We try to ask at time of purchase if you would like the price removed from your jewelry, but sometimes it gets overlooked (please forgive us?).  In case we forgot, here’s some help.

Price on gold, silver or other metal jewelry:  Nail polish remover (acetone) will take that right off for you.  If you don’t have any handy, then denatured alcohol will also work.  Use with a tissue, q-tip, paper towel, etc.  Take care to keep off stones.  Oh, and don’t use paint thinner or other such chemicals.

Price on a “bell bar” tag attached to a necklace: Don’t try to tear it off – those things are tough (Tyvek)!  Use scissors or a knife to cut the tag off, taking care not to cut through string or wire.

Enjoy your purchase!
Thanks for your business — we appreciate you!

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