Rugs, Kachinas, Paintings, & Pottery at Our May Shows

Navajo Rugs:  We have found that during the colder winter months, many weavers like to take a break from their looms. Now with spring right around the corner, most weavers are gearing back up for what they know as the buying season. With fresh and new ideas, this is the time of year that we generally see many outstanding weavings at very competitive prices and in various different sizes. We expect to have a great selection for this series of shows and with the help of the Malone family, we are confident that our inventory will be a  must see. Please remember that if you are in need of a larger sized weaving, just let us know.

Kachinas: Stop in and see what the coming of spring holds in the way of katsina. Presently we have pieces by multi-award winning artists Sterling MacRae and Raymond Chee that include two Crow Mothers, a Deer, White Bear, Long Hair, two Sakwap Mana and a Butterfly. Also available are several exciting new pieces by Laurence Dallas and, just in as we go to press, two more excellent kachinas from Raymond Chee — a Bighorn Sheep and Ahola.

Art & Sandpaintings: During our last series of shows, we had several new and outstanding original pieces by Carol Lee Thompson. This included the largest piece to date that we have shown. That original and many others have found new homes. As of this writing, Carol Lee is doing what she can to provide us with some new original work. We hope to restock our inventory of Jack Black’s work as well. Our selection of sandpaintings will continue to feature the superb 3D cut out work by Sammy Myerson that has been getting so much attention. Long time customers that have never purchased a sandpainting before are finding this work so intriguing that they are taking one home and adding to their collections. We will also be acquiring more pieces by Joe Ben Jr., Bilson Kee and if available, Baatsoslanii Joe. We will also be restocking our selection of smaller sandpaintings, to include the new and very popular style with the added arrow head in the matting.

Pottery: We now have a selection of several pieces by award-winning Navajo artist Robert Lansing, including the piece featured in the November 1992 Arizona Highways magazine, pottery by Zuni artists Deldrick and Lorenda Cellicion and Acoma artist Wilfred Garcia. Judy Lewis and Carol Lucero have branched out with some new styles of storytellers, a couple of which we have on hand now and plan on purchasing more. We have work by other artists such as Patricia Daubs, Wesley Begay, Paul Lansing, and Loretta Navasie. On hand will be a variety of inexpensive horsehair decoration pottery as well.

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What’s New in Jewelry this Spring

Navajo, Zuni and Santo Domingo artists have been hard at work creating all kinds of great jewelry in bright, wonderful colors inspired by spring and summer. You will find reds in coral and spiny oyster shell, greens in gaspeite, malachite, peridot, serpentine and green garnet, dark blue lapis and purples in sugilite, charoite, purple spiny oyster shell, morado opal and amethyst. We have whites, creams and browns from the wide variety of shells found in the sea, and last but not least, all the wonderful blues and greens of turquoise.

We have been busy putting together a great selection of jewelry for this series of shows, including an impressive-sized collection of Santo Domingo necklaces, including exquisite pieces by Charlene Reano and Daniel Coriz. Alton Bedonie came by with several very nice pieces to include two beautiful lapis necklaces and two lapis pendants, as well as several more awesome rings. Kee Yazzie also provided us with more of his great jewelry, including an impressive wide, heavy bracelet, several rings and a superb bolo tie. Other exciting pieces include an incredible high-grade Kingman turquoise wide bracelet as well as three all-silver bracelets and five rings by Darryl Becenti, pendants, chains, rings and a unique bolo tie by Bruce Hodgins, a fantastic pendant by Don Dewa (Zuni) and a couple of great necklaces by Johnathan Nez. Other collector-quality pieces include the 2010 Gallup Ceremonial first place winning concho belt by Ruddell & Nancy Laconsello (Zuni). The proud new owner of this treasure will take the ribbon home as well! Another must-see is an exquisite micro-mosaic inlay pendant (apprx 2000 stones!) with ox-blood and angel-skin coral, turquoise and lapis by Carl & Irene Clark, and a stunning necklace and earring set by Harlan Coonsis.

We are always on the lookout for 1980’s and 90’s pieces by named, award-winning artists, and were fortunate to obtain a highly collectible 14kt gold and inlay ring by Jessie Monongye, a ring by Gibson Nez, an all silver bracelet by Alfred Joe, and a fantastic Navajo coral and silver ladies watch bracelet.

Other excellent artists whose work will be represented at the show: Howard Nelson, Ernest Benally, Archie Henderson, Brian Clark, Andy and Darrell Cadman, Albert Jake, Sunshine Reeves, La Rose Ganadonegro, Geneva Apachito, Harlan Coonsis, William Vandever, Wilbert Manning, Fadrian Bowannie, Jack and Mary Tom, Gerald Lomaventema and Yvette Talaswaima, and many more.

For those wanting to add an excellent reference book to their libraries there is a new book on Zuni Jewelry featuring Kachinas and Dancers. “Kachinas and Ceremonial Dancers in Zuni Jewelry” by Toshio Sei (Schiffer publication) features an extensive collection of Zuni pieces and identifies some of the older, unsigned pieces. This book is a great source of reference, and provides some interesting history based on the author’s interviews with artists and their families, as well as his personal experience from years of collecting. We will have a copy in the showroom for those who wish a preview the book.

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Polychrome Pottery by Noted Native American Artists

Polychrome pottery is described as a vessel decorated with three or more colors. Acoma artists have for decades been masters of combining colorful designs and patterns. Presently, we have dozens of examples for you to choose from. Come in to see the latest works from Diane Lewis, Franklin Peters and Sandra Victorino. We have work by other artists such as Patricia Daubs, Wesley Begay, Paul Lansing, Wilfred Garcia and Loretta Navasie. On hand will be a variety of inexpensive horsehair decoration pottery as well.

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Happy New Year!

Americana Indian Shows would like to thank you for your support — we look forward to serving you in 2013 and wish you a happy and prosperous new year!

Winter has been an exciting season for us! We were kept busy buying from artists who were out drumming up money for holiday shopping. Alton Bedonie designed another stunning lapis and sterling silver necklace along with several gorgeous pendants, rings and earrings. We were also able to get a few new pendants and rings from Kee Yazzie. On one of our buying trips we obtained a magnificent 21-strand very fine turquoise heishi necklace that was made around 1980 (you have to see this to believe how tiny and fine these heishi beads are!), as well as a very intriguing vintage mosaic/chip inlay peyote bird necklace. After talking with Bill Malone, we believe the center piece of this necklace was created in Pinon, Arizona by a Navajo artist with the last name of Etsity, while the side birds and beads were made by Tommy Singer. Considering that these two artists belonged to competing shops at the time the pieces were created, it is a mystery how they were brought together in one necklace. There’s no doubt, however, that it is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece and is a classic example of chip-inlay work of the early to mid 70s. While visiting with Bill Malone, we obtained a nice coral bracelet as well as a great shadow box mosaic in-lay ring that was made by one of Tommy Singer’s artists in the mid 1970s. A quick trip to Zuni before the holidays resulted in the acquisition of an exquisite turquoise ring by Edith Tsabetsaye and several pieces inlayed with Carico Lake turquoise by Harlan Coonsis. Jack Tom brought by three great new necklaces that he had just finished. Brian Clark too created another masterpiece — a 1-ounce 14kt gold and high-grade Lone Mountain turquoise ring.

In addition, we obtained many excellent pieces through collections: an Ernest Benally bracelet, Joseph Coriz necklace, Nevada Blue turquoise bolo made by Archie Henderson, a buckle and bolo set by Howard Nelson, cluster bracelet by Fannie Ondelacy, seven-stone turquoise bracelet by Henry and Louise Roanhorse, an oval, silver belt buckle by Tom Jim in a rare size that fits a one-inch wide belt (great for a dress belt!), and many more, including some great concho belts by Andy Cadman, Sunshine Reeves and Tom Jim.

It’s a great start to the New Year and we will have a fantastic selection this time out. See you at the show!


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Sandpaintings for the Holidays

Our selection of sandpaintings will be completely restocked and we will focus our attention on the smaller, gift-sized sandpaintings. We will also have a nice selection of jewelry boxes with sandpainted lids as well as the Navajo made ornaments. Keep in mind that with the Holidays upon us, these sandpaintings are easily shipped. For those of you looking for pieces by the leading Navajo sandpainters, we will have pieces by such artists as Baatsoslanii Joe, Joe Ben Jr., Sammy Myerson and Bilson Kee to name a few. Carol Lee Thompson has also provided us with five more of her incredible originals and we have a few great pieces left in our inventory from Wayne and Connie Anderson’s private collection.

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Indian Pottery at AIS

Southwestern American Indians have been crafting clay vessels for over 1,700 years. With each new generation there are changes to style and technique. Presently, styles range from vibrant in color, to intricate in design to traditional, ancestral style. We will have a great variety of gift-appropriate pottery pieces from which to choose. Come in and admire the horse hair style of the Charlie family from Navajo or the fine-line pieces from Acoma, including pieces by Diane Lewis, Pauline Estevan and Franklin Peters. Perhaps the contemporary styles of Jemez and earth-tone colors are more to your taste. If so, check out works by Patricia Daubs, Helen and Vangie Tafoya, Emma Yepa and the Lucero family. We also have classic pieces from Maria Martinez, Crecencia Tafoya and Tonita Roybal.

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Winter: A Time of Reflection for Hopi Kachina Carvers

As winter approaches the Hopi begin to say goodbye to their kachinas for the season. The Soyal ceremony marks the end of the year, when the kachinas return to live inside their home in the San Francisco Peaks. Now is a time of reflection and planning for next year on the Hopi pueblos. Many of the carvers will craft replicas of the latest dancers appearing during the Soyal. We will have several carvings of the katsina seen during this time. Come in and admire the Hopi craftsmanship exhibited in the last of the years’ katsina. Carvers whose work is represented include Lawrence Dallas, Raymond Chee, Cedric Honyumptewa and Silas Roy, among others.

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Textiles from the Gallup Ceremonial Show

This year’s Gallup Ceremonial show produced many fine textiles and we were fortunate enough to have several of the award winners in our inventory during the last series of shows to include a Klagetoh which was one of the Blue Ribbon winners and one of the finest Klagetoh weavings that we have seen in many years. We are hopeful that we will be able to find a few more of these treasures for this series of shows. Once again the Navajo pillows by Sally Arviso were a big hit and the Malone family has told us that they will do all they can to get us a few more sets. The Winfield Trading Company has also been kind enough to provide us with some truly superb weavings by some of the best known weaving families. With winter approaching, it is always a great time of year to acquire weavings and our inventory will be a must see.

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Check Out Our Holiday Inventory of New Jewelry

Happy Holidays to you and your family! We look forward to seeing you at the show, where we will have an extensive inventory with lots of new and exciting pieces for this holiday series, including a vast array of exquisite jewelry that is sure to satisfy the serious collector or make someone smile with that perfect gift.

We made quite a few new contacts over the summer and we were able to find some great new styles in southwest Indian jewelry. As a result, we started working with a new group of artists who have designed at least 100 new styles of jewelry. The workmanship is excellent and they have a great source for stones to use in their jewelry, which includes Boulder Turquoise, White Buffalo, onyx, malachite, Lapis, manmade opal, painted desert stone and a wide variety of turquoise from many different mines.

Toby Henderson is one of the new artists we are keeping our eye on. His fantastic creations have a more traditional look to them, with hand-stamping and substantial, weighty silver content.

In addition, we are hoping to add a nice selection of White Buffalo jewelry and some great new pieces with Baltic Amber. Last summer we found a few pair of earrings that had amber and peridot as well as some great new earrings with just peridot. Although not typically thought of as a southwestern stone, the second largest deposit of peridot is found in Arizona on the San Carlos reservation. It has been gaining ground in southwestern jewelry use and we hope to have a nice selection this time out.

We have great new pieces from Alton Bedonie, Kee Yazzie, Alex Sanchez, Mary Tom, Gerald Lomaventema and his wife Yvette Talaswaima. We are hoping for some bracelets and “flip” pendants from Myron Panteah at this time, as well as possibly another one of his bolo ties. Hopefully we will have some great pieces by Leon Martinez’s brother Richard. We spoke on the phone about getting some of his pendants and we should have them before we leave for this show series. In addition, we acquired a gorgeous, reversible inlayed shell necklace by Santo Domingo artist Charlene Reano. Its size and detail are impressive! William Vandever is also represented, with four fantastic, heavy bracelets in sterling silver set with high-grade turquoise stones. Also of note is a fantastic, unique concho link belt in heavy sterling silver with fine detailing by Leonard Nez; the conchos set with turquoise from different mines of the Southwest, representing Kingman, Royston, Morenci, and more – 12 gorgeous stones in all! For you gals out there looking for a belt to work with jeans or other pants, this one fits through belt loops.

Artists whose work will be represented at the show are: Charles Loloma, Donnie Supplee, Al Nez, Carl and Irene Clark, Tommy Jackson, Bruce Hodgins, Harlen Coonsis, Darlene Weebothee, Rick Lasalute, Sunshine Reeves, Andy Cadman, Derrick and Delbert Gordon, Geneva Apachito, La Rose Ganadonegro, Darryl Becenti, Albert Jake, Johnathan Nez, Leonard Nez, Darrell Cadman and many more.

See you at the show!


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Navajo weavings, Hopi Kachinas, & Pottery at Our Fall 2012 Shows

We will have a great selection of weavings from the Gallup, Teec Nos Pos and Shiprock areas. Bill Malone has once again promised to provide us with whatever we need. We will try to have some of the Navajo rug pillows on hand as well. One of Bill’s daughters has been making them but they keep selling as fast as we can get them! I will also be taking a trip to see John at the Teed Nos Pos trading post and am looking forward to obtaining some of their great weavings as well.

It’s the end of summer and Hopi carvers have been busy celebrating the season. We have a great new Ahola Squash and Dog Katsina from award-winning Hopi carver Laurence Dallas, the long-lost Watson Namoki has reappeared and from him we acquired a warrior mouse, squash and Hano Mana. Raymond Chee has promised us a few more single piece carvings, and with luck we will have some long awaited special orders filled. Recently we acquired a few large Navajo crafted kachinas as well as more Sterling MacRae, Delwin Harvey and Kenneth Shupla sculptures.

We have a great selection of seed pots by Diane Lewis, Sasha Redstarr and Glendora Daubs. In addition, we just picked up two polychrome Hopi bowls from Loretta Navasie. These bowls are made entirely of natural materials and fired outdoors using sheep manure. Other pottery includes a great selection of storytellers and some very nice and affordable Santa Clara pieces as well. Franklin Peters from Acoma is still crafting some outstanding, soccer ball sized ollas. Stock up now as the holidays are just around the corner!

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