Pottery, Fetishes, & Stone Sculptures

We have an outstanding selection of Navajo horsehair pottery from Susie and Michael Charlie that is very affordably priced. In our display cases you will find work representing the Hopi, Acoma, Jemez, Laguna, Cochiti, Santa Clara and San Ildefonso pueblos. Some of the more recognizable artist names are Franklin Peters, Robert Kasero, Frederica Antonio, Calvin Analla, Emma Yepa, Myron Sarracino, Dena Suina and Maria Martinez. We also have one piece by the late Dorothy Torivio, who passed in April 2011.

Amongst our sculptures and fetishes we have numerous alabaster pieces by Marvin Toya from the Jemez pueblo. If you need a smaller scale there will be several hundred fetish critters from Zuni artists. These pieces start at $12.00 and range up from there. They include bears from Jeff and Emery Eriacho, corn maidens by Stewart and Vicki Quandelacy, and carvings from other artists such as Eric and Florentino Martinez and Eric, Colin and Calvin Weeka. 


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