Pottery, Katsinas, Rugs, & More at Our Denver Show


Recently we acquired a few older Hopi polychrome pieces. These include a Helen Naha (Feather Woman) vase, a Joy Navasie (Second Frog Woman) bowl, and a seed pot by Maynard and Veronica Navasie (Frog Woman family). Also available are an Acoma seed pot with Mimbres-style animals by Rachel Concho and Acoma seed pots by Dianne Lewis. There will also be a nice selection of Navajo horsehair pottery as well as etched pieces for sale. As some of the colorful Mata Ortiz pots become available, we will be hand-selecting several unique shapes and decorated pieces. As always, we have a great selection of impressive pottery for your home decorating. Whether you want a molded or hand coiled piece, we have something that’s sure to please.

Sculpture & Katsinas

With the arrival of spring, the kachinas have returned from their mountain home to once again live among the Hopi. Carvers have already begun calling us with new pieces for sale. Expect to see sun, butterfly, dust devil, rain-bringing, and other kachinas related to the spring ceremonies. Despite working 60 hour weeks at a power plant for the last two months, Raymond Chee created a few sculptures for us (for which we are very grateful!), including some Navajo Yei-Be-Chei, and Laurence Dallas is once again carving after the passing away of his gentle and kind father. We will have some of his new work on hand. At this writing, we are working hard to gather as many fetish critters as possible and are looking for pieces in new and different materials.

Sand Paintings & Art

During the holiday shows, the new work by Sammy Myerson was once again a big hit. Sammy’s ability to present true traditional Navajo themes in such a contemporary form is second to none. If you have yet to see his new work, you are missing out! We will be looking to add new work by Joe Ben Jr., Baatsoslanii Joe and Bilson Kee, to name a few. We will also be offering a few select pieces for SHOW SPECIAL pricing. This is your opportunity to acquire competition quality pieces at prices WELL BELLOW retail (LOOK FOR THE SPECIAL TAGS). Carol Lee Thompson stole the show when it came to framed originals. We sold six of her fine pieces during our holiday shows as well as framed prints. Currently we have two of her impressive originals so, if you are a fan, don’t miss out!


Weavings not much larger than 3 feet by 5 feet are in demand, so we will continue to focus our attention on these sizes. Two such weavings in stock include a beautiful 26” x 36” Tree of Life by Vanna Benally and a 36” x 44” Two Grey Hills color eye dazzler by Verna Begay. If you are looking for small accent pieces for tabletops and the like, we have been finding some very nice small weavings for this. They look great on a table under a piece of pottery or alabaster / bronze sculpture. We are usually able to have 10 to 12 of these pieces in inventory. Additional accent pieces include two Navajo rug pillow sets by Sally Arviso that will brighten up your favorite furniture. Thank you all again for a great 2013 and your continued support of the fine art and weavings that we bring you!

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