Rugs, Kachinas, Paintings, & Pottery at Our May Shows

Navajo Rugs:  We have found that during the colder winter months, many weavers like to take a break from their looms. Now with spring right around the corner, most weavers are gearing back up for what they know as the buying season. With fresh and new ideas, this is the time of year that we generally see many outstanding weavings at very competitive prices and in various different sizes. We expect to have a great selection for this series of shows and with the help of the Malone family, we are confident that our inventory will be a  must see. Please remember that if you are in need of a larger sized weaving, just let us know.

Kachinas: Stop in and see what the coming of spring holds in the way of katsina. Presently we have pieces by multi-award winning artists Sterling MacRae and Raymond Chee that include two Crow Mothers, a Deer, White Bear, Long Hair, two Sakwap Mana and a Butterfly. Also available are several exciting new pieces by Laurence Dallas and, just in as we go to press, two more excellent kachinas from Raymond Chee — a Bighorn Sheep and Ahola.

Art & Sandpaintings: During our last series of shows, we had several new and outstanding original pieces by Carol Lee Thompson. This included the largest piece to date that we have shown. That original and many others have found new homes. As of this writing, Carol Lee is doing what she can to provide us with some new original work. We hope to restock our inventory of Jack Black’s work as well. Our selection of sandpaintings will continue to feature the superb 3D cut out work by Sammy Myerson that has been getting so much attention. Long time customers that have never purchased a sandpainting before are finding this work so intriguing that they are taking one home and adding to their collections. We will also be acquiring more pieces by Joe Ben Jr., Bilson Kee and if available, Baatsoslanii Joe. We will also be restocking our selection of smaller sandpaintings, to include the new and very popular style with the added arrow head in the matting.

Pottery: We now have a selection of several pieces by award-winning Navajo artist Robert Lansing, including the piece featured in the November 1992 Arizona Highways magazine, pottery by Zuni artists Deldrick and Lorenda Cellicion and Acoma artist Wilfred Garcia. Judy Lewis and Carol Lucero have branched out with some new styles of storytellers, a couple of which we have on hand now and plan on purchasing more. We have work by other artists such as Patricia Daubs, Wesley Begay, Paul Lansing, and Loretta Navasie. On hand will be a variety of inexpensive horsehair decoration pottery as well.

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