Summer / fall jewelry inventory — what’s new

Our summer buying season was off to a great start, with eight fantastic new necklaces by Mary Tom, four of which include various colors of spiny oyster shell, two in all sterling silver and two with coral cabochons. Alton Bedonie has been by many times with new jewelry. He continued his adventurous foray into the world of exotic stones with a masterpiece Larimar bolo tie, several pietersite rings and a gorgeous wide larimar bracelet. Upon showing Alton a bracelet that his nephew Tom, Jim had created back in the late 1990s, Alton was very impressed and asked if I would like him to create an all-silver bracelet. The answer was “yes — two would be nice”! He returned a couple of weeks later with an incredibly beautiful, very heavy (6.9oz), wide (1 & 3/16”) — super cool bracelet. He said the second bracelet will be slightly smaller, almost as wide and just as “super cool.” Alton is also working on a pietersite necklace as well and possibly a charoite necklace, and a unique multi-stone, multicolored necklace.

Bruce Hodgins also came by with some of his beautiful, contemporary jewelry. We purchased several pendants, one of which has a Turkish druzy quartz stone. The other pendants are silver with pietersite and lapis and Montana agate with peridot. We picked up some more of his handmade chains as well as two of his heavy chain-mail style bracelets. Bruce also made us some of his silver Hopi overlay band rings along with two pietersite rings. I saw Myron Panteah at the beginning of the summer and he had just come up with a new style of wide bracelet, so we bought four. Now that he has started working again we hope to have more of his wonderful jewelry by the start of our show series.

We dug deep and purchased another beautiful bracelet by Vernon Haskie and a bolo tie that can only be described as “spectacular.” We also purchased another bracelet by Rebecca Begay with Lone Mtn. turquoise. We are expecting she will win quite a few awards at the Santa Fe Indian market, so this is your chance to own her exquisite work before prices potentially go up.

On another of our buying trips, we picked up some very nice Santo Domingo necklaces including several by Daniel Coriz. Also acquired were several multi strand nugget necklaces made with Mojave green turquoise (dyed Kingman turquoise), which is an affordable alternative to Gaspésie. We also obtained a beautiful Harlen Coonsis knife wing dancer necklace with multi colored stones. Nelson Begay (Mary Tom’s and Steven Begay’s brother) stopped by and we bought several of his pieces. We hope to have more jewelry from him after the Navajo show in Flagstaff. Given what we’ve already acquired, you are sure to be wowed by the spectacular selection of jewelry we will have in our showroom this fall.

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