Textiles from the Gallup Ceremonial Show

This year’s Gallup Ceremonial show produced many fine textiles and we were fortunate enough to have several of the award winners in our inventory during the last series of shows to include a Klagetoh which was one of the Blue Ribbon winners and one of the finest Klagetoh weavings that we have seen in many years. We are hopeful that we will be able to find a few more of these treasures for this series of shows. Once again the Navajo pillows by Sally Arviso were a big hit and the Malone family has told us that they will do all they can to get us a few more sets. The Winfield Trading Company has also been kind enough to provide us with some truly superb weavings by some of the best known weaving families. With winter approaching, it is always a great time of year to acquire weavings and our inventory will be a must see.

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