We’re Restocking Our Navajo Rug Inventory

2011 was a fantastic year and all of us wish to thank you for your continued support and your gracious comments about our rug inventory throughout the year. The Malone family has also asked that we pass on their thanks and they all look forward to another great year. That said, we will soon be heading back over to New Mexico to restock our inventory. As promised, we will continue to bring fine weavings from the Malone family private collection as well as weavings that have been recently loomed. Bill and his family have always been great about setting aside “new treasures” for us to bring to you by such weavers as Mary Baldwin, Sharon Bahe, Wilson Bekay and Anna Clyde, just to name a few.

Oh, and one more note of thanks … You really did help us in 2011 by taking the time to tell us and show us what you are looking for in Navajo weavings. There truly is a sea of great weavings out there and that can make it very difficult to choose what to bring and what to leave behind. Your input has been and always will be greatly appreciated. —Davis

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