What are The Odds…?

Here’s a “one-in-a-million” story we thought you might enjoy. Eric came home with this necklace today (October 26, 2017) and showed it to me without providing any explanation. I puzzled over it, wondering what famous artist made it, as there was no hallmark. Keep in mind it was fairly tarnished so I knew he must have visited the local pawn shop and found it (which he did) and wouldn’t have purchased it unless there was something special about it (which there was). I didn’t think to take a picture before I polished it. Anyhow, I could see he was bursting with eagerness to tell me. As it turns out, it was pretty special – this pendant was made by none other than Eric himself, with the assistance of uncle Arvid (master silversmith)! Eric said while doing a show in Pueblo*, CO he was unable to sleep one night and since Arvid was teaching him how to make jewelry he thought he would make something special for his girlfriend. He recalls that Arvid helped him assemble and solder the piece once all the elements had been individually fashioned. As near as we can figure, this would have been somewhere in the early 1980’s. Naturally his sweetheart loved it! She was heartbroken one day when she thought she had lost it. It later turned up in a shoe in her closet, much to her relief, which is funny since yours truly also lost a treasured piece of jewelry once upon a time, which later was found in the pocket of a shirt in a closet! Life eventually took Eric and his girlfriend in different directions, but to his knowledge she always treasured the pendant. Sadly she died some years ago of cancer and it can only be assumed that someone in her family had no need of the pendant. It eventually ended up in our local pawn shop where, more than 35 years after its making it was, remarkably, reunited with its maker!


*you may have seen this post on Facebook, stating the show site as Boulder.  This was an error on my part, Eric had said Pueblo but I typed the wrong city.  Eric since confirmed that he was in high school at the time he made the pendant for his girlfriend which dates its making to summer of either 1980 or 1981.

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