What’s New in Jewelry this Spring

Navajo, Zuni and Santo Domingo artists have been hard at work creating all kinds of great jewelry in bright, wonderful colors inspired by spring and summer. You will find reds in coral and spiny oyster shell, greens in gaspeite, malachite, peridot, serpentine and green garnet, dark blue lapis and purples in sugilite, charoite, purple spiny oyster shell, morado opal and amethyst. We have whites, creams and browns from the wide variety of shells found in the sea, and last but not least, all the wonderful blues and greens of turquoise.

We have been busy putting together a great selection of jewelry for this series of shows, including an impressive-sized collection of Santo Domingo necklaces, including exquisite pieces by Charlene Reano and Daniel Coriz. Alton Bedonie came by with several very nice pieces to include two beautiful lapis necklaces and two lapis pendants, as well as several more awesome rings. Kee Yazzie also provided us with more of his great jewelry, including an impressive wide, heavy bracelet, several rings and a superb bolo tie. Other exciting pieces include an incredible high-grade Kingman turquoise wide bracelet as well as three all-silver bracelets and five rings by Darryl Becenti, pendants, chains, rings and a unique bolo tie by Bruce Hodgins, a fantastic pendant by Don Dewa (Zuni) and a couple of great necklaces by Johnathan Nez. Other collector-quality pieces include the 2010 Gallup Ceremonial first place winning concho belt by Ruddell & Nancy Laconsello (Zuni). The proud new owner of this treasure will take the ribbon home as well! Another must-see is an exquisite micro-mosaic inlay pendant (apprx 2000 stones!) with ox-blood and angel-skin coral, turquoise and lapis by Carl & Irene Clark, and a stunning necklace and earring set by Harlan Coonsis.

We are always on the lookout for 1980’s and 90’s pieces by named, award-winning artists, and were fortunate to obtain a highly collectible 14kt gold and inlay ring by Jessie Monongye, a ring by Gibson Nez, an all silver bracelet by Alfred Joe, and a fantastic Navajo coral and silver ladies watch bracelet.

Other excellent artists whose work will be represented at the show: Howard Nelson, Ernest Benally, Archie Henderson, Brian Clark, Andy and Darrell Cadman, Albert Jake, Sunshine Reeves, La Rose Ganadonegro, Geneva Apachito, Harlan Coonsis, William Vandever, Wilbert Manning, Fadrian Bowannie, Jack and Mary Tom, Gerald Lomaventema and Yvette Talaswaima, and many more.

For those wanting to add an excellent reference book to their libraries there is a new book on Zuni Jewelry featuring Kachinas and Dancers. “Kachinas and Ceremonial Dancers in Zuni Jewelry” by Toshio Sei (Schiffer publication) features an extensive collection of Zuni pieces and identifies some of the older, unsigned pieces. This book is a great source of reference, and provides some interesting history based on the author’s interviews with artists and their families, as well as his personal experience from years of collecting. We will have a copy in the showroom for those who wish a preview the book.

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